•January 22, 2007 • 1 Comment

 (c) restless-dream.org


This was one of my first photo manipulations, and despite having learned new techniques since it’s creation, it’s still one of my favorite pieces. I’m very fond of winged insects, like butterflies and dragonflies. But moths are very special and symbolic for me in a spiritual sense. They appear in dreams, sometimes as beings who appear to be watching over me or protecting me in some way. Where we’re surrounded by decay, I think they represent sacrifice and resurrection. Moths seek light. In this piece, the moths are not intended to be ugly or make the picture dark, they’re intended to bring life into the scene. The girl represents me. The room is empty and cold, but the window shade is open and the moths are beckoning her into the light.

Made in Adobe Photoshop CS. Model is lovely elisafox. Additional photography by shudder-stock. Copyright 2006.