Welcome. Restless-dream is a project I started as a creative outlet and place of expression. It’s a work in progress, and home to my personal blog and online portfolio. My name is Harmony and I enjoy expressing myself through digital art and photo manipulation. “Photo manipulation is the technique of modifying a photographic image by either analog or digital means.”


This means that I often use stock photography in my work. Some stock photos were taken by myself, some were produced by others. All stock images that I use here in my art are either mine, royalty free, purchased, or used with permission. Please see my gallery for details and credits.

Terms of Use

I don’t allow my works to be used without permission. However, if you do see something you would like to use, I’m open to that. It only takes a moment to fire off an email so please don’t be afraid to ask first. Generally I’m more than happy to let you use my work, but in some cases it depends on what kind of image licence I have with collaborators.


If you are a photographer, model, or other kind of artist, I’d love to hear from you! If you are interested in collaborating with me, I am open to making graphics for your website, album covers, or portraits. You may contact me at restless.prints@gmail.com.


The domain restless-dream.org was registered on January 20, 2007, and went live on January 21, 2007. Restless-dream is currently hosted by WordPress.com. The layout is courtesy of Bryan Veloso, with slightly modified CSS and custom header image.The name “restless-dream” was chosen and inspired by 3 things. In part by one of my favorite video game series “Silent Hill” and partly by a song “Restless Dreams” by a band called Beseech (which incidentally could have been on the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack if I didn’t know any better, hehe). But the name was largely chosen because of my interest in dreaming. Dreams fascinate me and I love to write about them and analyze them. Dreams are where I receive a great deal of my inspiration… I like to express what I see in my dreams. I’m also plagued by frequent nightmares, hence the “restless” part.


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